Dec 10, 2015

Voltage Transformer - Broken Delta?


iring check of the broken-delta winding In our today's article, we explain you how you check the proper connection of the "broken delta winding" of a voltage transformer. To do this, we use a very simple but effective trick:

We short-circuit the 3 phases on the primary side of the transformer and apply a common test voltage. The effect of this is to generate three test voltages on the secondary side that have exactly the same amplitudes and phasing. This parallel connection of the primary windings means that the phase voltages in the delta winding are not extinguished, but are added vectorially with their full amplitude.

The diagram below illustrates the test connection configuration:

The test voltages that we recommend are shown in the following table. When using these test voltages, the result of the measurement on the broken delta winding must always be around 1.73 V:

The phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground voltages of the star winding during this test must be 0 V and approx. 1 V respectively.

If there are any problems with the Udelta winding, it's always a good idea to take a look at the partial Udelta voltages. All we need to do is to measure the individual voltage drops across the windings. If they're OK, then the only possible answer is a wiring error in the windings of the secondary circuit. Finding this wiring error is what makes all this so much fun.

This article is from the chapter "voltage transformer test" from my current technical book: "The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering". The test of voltage transformers is carried out in the 7 steps:

🌐 Visual check
🌐 Checking the grounding
🌐 Insulation test of secondary loop wiring

🌐 Checking the wiring of the star winding

🌐 Checking the wiring of the broken delta

🌐 Transformation test
🌐 Measurement of rated burden

The expert working of these tests are described in detail in my specialist book "The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering".

HEARTfelt Greetings Alexander Muth

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