May 17, 2017

KoCoS stops PROMET 100!


ROMET SMO replaces PROMET 100 WELCOME Dear friends of protection and control engineering. As the company KoCoS today announces, the production of the PROMET 100 precision micrometer will soon be discontinued, it is only available for a limited time. The successora PROMET SMO, published a few months ago, has some successes and improvements in terms of functionality and handling. We had presented the PROMET SMO briefly in its introduction (see here).

In addition to the high-precision determination of resistances in the μΩ range, the PROMET SMO is suitable for resistance measurement on inductive loads up to 1000 Henrys, e.g. HV, MV and LV transformers as well as motors and current transformers. The high functionality, the low weight of only 20 lbs and the battery operation allow a universal use of the measuring device.

In a further article, we also did a sniff-test on the KoCoS PROMET SE.

HEARTfelt Greetings Alexander Muth