Dec 4, 2015

New High-Precision Ohm Meter for ohmic and inductive loads!


oCoS Messtechnik from Germany just released the new high-precision ohm meter device PROMET SMO!

The German company KoCoS Messtechnik has just released its new microohmmeter. With the PROMET SMO it is possible to determine winding resistances on transformers, motors and ct's / vt's with the highest precision. Due to the possibility of the battery operation, you are ideally equipped on site and you do not even have to carry much with just 9.3 kg. By measuring in four-wire technology, the output of test currents up to 100 A and a high test voltage, high-precision measurements are reaached in the microohm range.

In our opinion, a particularly successful feature is the determination of contact resistances while maintaining the grounding on both sides (see the figure below).

The parallel measurement of the earth current ensures an exact determination of the resistance on the main contacts of a switchgear while maintaining the grounding on both sides. The earth current, which is taken using a current clamp meter, is automatically taken into account by the measuring system during resistance determination. The disconnection of the earth cable is completely eliminated, safety first!

The intuitive operation of the measuring instrument, as well as the display of the test parameters and measurement results, is clearly indicated by a resistive 3.5" touch screen and function buttons. In addition, the ergonomic three-position dial enables quick and easy adjustment as well as a clearly visible display of the test status via the integrated illuminated ring. Acoustic signals provide additional information and give feedback on settings.

Here the technical data:

The box is brand new and we have no practical experience yet. We will definitely stay tuned. You can get a very good overview of the device by looking the product video in the end of this post.

Have fun and Heartfelt Greetings Alexander Muth