Apr 11, 2019

WOODWARD introduces ...


elcome dear friends of protection and control technology. After presenting all the great innovations of the successful HighPROTEC series from WOODWARD in detail on 08.02.2019, there is now the official confirmation to the technical component certificates VDE-AR-N-4110: 2018-11 and VDE-AR-N-4120:2018-11. The HighPROTEC series is compliant with the VDE AR-4110 and VDE AR-4120 and is armed for important applications in the field of wind power, PV, solar and biogas.


🌐 MCA4

🌐 MRA4

🌐 MRU4 and


a VDE-AR-N 4110 component certificate is available. For MCA4, a VDE-AR-N 4120 component certificate is available. Thus, the protection requirements for the technical rules for the connection of customer systems to the medium and high voltage network and their operation are met.

We are pleased about this consistent step.

woodward component certificat