Jul 9, 2017

The 5 Essential Tools For Protection Engineers!


elcome, Dear friends of protection and control engineering. What tools are really important when it comes to commissioning? I do not mean the screwdriver or the cable box! An adequate protection test or commissioning requires more, here one thing should be clear: the protection engineer is the most important man on the construction site. Good commissioning can only be achieved if the most important man feels comfortable on the construction site and is treated with the appropriate respect by the others. From this elementary necessity, we have compiled the five most important tools of the protection engineer. Here we go:

1: The cap and impressive clothes

How can customers, operators and managers succeed in recognizing the protection engineer? It is obvious that the protection engineer can be distinguished from the rest only with appropriately conspicuous clothing.

The golden rule is therefore:

During commissioning and on the construction site, only one takes the lead and that's the guy with the cap on it's head, the PROTECTIONENGINEER!

Here you can find the appropriate clothes from our store!

2: The guitar stand

In order for the protection engineer to free his hands for cold beverages and autogram cards, he must have an adequate storage facility for his test equipment. Throwing a small number of coins on the table, you will get a matching guitar stand from your local music dealer. This can then be taken to the rehearsal after the end of the evening and ARTES, CMC and Co are surely accommodated as well.

3: The coaster for the coffee cup

The coffee is the lifeguard of the protection engineer. If he gets too little, one should better stay away. Since the coffee has to be avoided in both, the test PC and the current transformer (see figure), a high-quality coaster for elementary equipment is essential. "The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering", which contains a round circle special for drinks on the book cover, is particularly suitable. Since it is always there, the subject of coasters is also clarified ;-)

4: A sufficiently loud boombox

The protection engineer has good music taste. He likes to listen loudly during the commissioning, in order to compensate for the fan noise of the test device. Depending on the test step, tracks from Led Zeppelin to Guy Gerber and System Of A Down come into the player. The Bose® SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II can not be missing, of course, in the Black / Gold-Edition, so that the quality meets the high demands of the engineer and thus everyone at the construction site knows about his good taste in music.

he experienced engineer can not determine the correct direction of the rotating field by watching out of the window. Here, the Fluke 9040EUR helps to find the proper direction. A small helper and a must have in any tool box.

Good commissioning and have fun

Greetings Alexander Muth