Aug 23, 2021

SIPROTEC app for function points


elcome dear friends of protection, control and electrical engineering. In a current press release, Siemens announces the introduction of a "function point manager" as an app. In the official announcement it says:

"Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched a new application for the Siprotec 5 and Siprotec 5 Compact series of protection devices: In just a few seconds, customers can now generate new license files for their protection device using a cloud-based app. This allows new device functions to be enabled very quickly. These functions are added depending on the type of application of the device, for instance to protect lines and motors in the distribution network of utilities or industrial plants. Until now, the ordering process for a license file took almost week."

Furthermore, it says:

"For the first time, the Siprotec function point manager combines expanding the device functions of a protection device with an end-to-end software solution,” said Robert Klaffus, CEO of Digital Grid at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “This gives our customers a fast, straightforward, cloud-based solution for their protection devices. By default, standard devices in the Siprotec 5 Compact series have only a few basic functions. Customers can now expand their devices precisely and quickly to meet their individual requirements. All they need is an account in the Siprotec Function Point Manager app. On the one hand, this enables customers to rapidly adapt replacement devices to their requirements if needed instead of having to keep different device variations on hand. On the other hand, device functions can be specified late in the engineering process and easily added to the protection device using a license file that can be generated very quickly."

How this app looks like in practice and how commercial integration works is not yet clear. Because one thing is for sure:

Functional points are only available for coins!

We try to get more information.

Ps.: An alternative approach is pursued by the German protective relay manufacturer SEG Electronics (formerly WOODWARD). The digital devices of the HighProtec series are always delivered with the full software package. There are no functional points.

Kind regards

Your EEA-Team

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