Feb 22, 2021

Simulation for SEG protection relays


elcome, dear friends of protection, control and electrical engineering. The brand new homepage segelectronics.de of the guys from Kempen has been up and running for a few days. Since this has been more than successful, we want to briefly present the highlights here, let's go:

HighPROTEC Device-Simulation

The new HighPROTEC device simulation is now available under the sub-domain simulation.highprotec.com. As with the digital twin from Siemens, it is now possible to get to know protective devices before they are actually on the table. To do this, as I said, call up the named sub-domain, choose the corresponding HighPROTEC model and then you can start.

After a short boot process of the device, we now have the opportunity to get to know all the menus and submenus and to familiarize ourselves with the on-site operation. With this, SEG is adding a great feature to their devices which, for example, has great potential for training purposes. We hope that further developments in this direction are planned here.

Application overview and filter methods

The entire style of the new page does not serve to fire off empty digital phrases, but rather clearly focuses on the protection relays, i.e. the SEG products and thus the usability by the customer. Filter functions that are often useful now help you quickly find the device configurations you are looking for.

A clear overview of applications (see illustration) now enables you to filter according to the SEG's available solutions.

The small blue icons are active and we can, for example, call up the mains decoupling protection here and now get an overview of all devices that can be used in this segment.

Here, too, we find small blue icons next to the devices, which give us information about the assembly properties of the respective device. If we now select a device, it goes further in depth and we can configure it.

After a few clicks we have our configuration ready and we get a proper overview of the selected configuration, can save it as a PDF or start a query directly. You can also send a request to our shop at any time.

For registered customers, the prices for the corresponding configuration are now also displayed here.

Under the heading “Product information” we get to the download page of the respective product via the big blue button “Continue to download”. Manuals, software, single-line diagrams, dimension drawings or, for example, front foil labels can then be downloaded here. This is the already existing download area, which can always be accessed directly at docs.segelectronics.de.


It is important to always find the right contact quickly. SEG has set up an interactive map here. You can move the cursor over the map here and the corresponding countries will be displayed (see illustration, example Greenland). You can get down to the task here and look for the Fiji Islands, we only give one tip: Find the right pixel on the map ;-)

PS .: If you need technical support for SEG devices, you can also contact us here directly.

Our clear conclusion:

A successful, state-of-the-art site that has one thing in focus above all: the customer and his products.

Kind regards


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