Nov 5, 2016

Siemens SIPROTEC | New Support-Area


elcome, Dear friends of the protection and control engineering. The Download-Area of Siemens SIPROTEC has moved.

As Siemens reports, the SIPROTEC support area can no longer be found under the old address. In the course of service and quality improvements, a new download area with the name "SIOS" was launched.

Important: In order to be able to continue to receive SIPROTEC device drivers as well as updates for DIGSI 5, SIGRA and the IEC 61850 system configurator, it is now necessary to set up a customer access. The unregistration of the application takes only two days and should be done beforehand in order to be able to quickly access the required software components.

The new site is available at the following link:


It is also possible to go to SIOS as before via the Siemens site, but no separate downloads are possible.

HEARTfelt Greetings Alexander Muth