Jul 13, 2023

SEG's WIC1 2G available now


elcome dear friends of protection, control and electrical engineering. The second generation WIC1 is now available in our online store. We had already presented the device in our article "WIC1 - Faster than your airbag" from May 2022 and are pleased that we can now also supply you with it.

WIC1 2G von SEG Electronics Schutzrelais
The 2nd generation WIC1 from SEG Electronics


The WIC1 is a transformer current supplied overcurrent relay with earth current monitoring. Due to the transformer current supply, no auxiliary voltage is required. It is suitable for harsh environments and operates in a temperature range from -40° C to +85° C. According to SEG, the WIC1 can be operated maintenance-free for a period of 20 years.

We offer the device in the following configuration: WIC1-4SG0CD1PB

- No auxiliary voltage required (transformer powered)
- Configurable Inrush Lockout
- Outstanding Switching Onto Fault protection (SOFT)
- Dual-Powered redundant energized, Phase current measurement inputs for WIC1 current transformer or current transformer adapter
- Calculated or measured earth current (measurement input 1 A)
- 50 Hz / 60 Hz
- Pulse output for tripping, pulse output for indication (configurable)
- 2 digital inputs (configurable) e.g. For position signal circuit breaker
- Backup protection starts directly
- Protection package "A" + FAS (SOFT), cold load alarm, external protection, ultra-fast overcurrent protection
- Modbus RTU | RS485 / terminals
- 3-phase independent overcurrent and short-circuit protection with variable tripping times
- 3-phase overcurrent protection with selectable dependent characteristics and independent short-circuit current stage
- independent earth overcurrent protection- parameterization via DiggiMEC (DiggiMEC not included)
- With DiggiMEC or Smart view the device can be programmed either for 50 Hz or for 60 Hz

The following protection functions are included in the scope of delivery:

ANSI: 46, 49, 49T, 50, 50G, 50N, 50BF, 51, 51G, 51N, 51Q, 74TC, 86, IH2, Ipeak>, SOFT, EXT

The main applications are:

- Protection of ring main units in power distribution
- Protection of block transformers e.g. in wind power and photovoltaics
- feeder protection and backup protection even without auxiliary voltage
- current-based protection functions after short- or long-term failure
- reliable protection even when conventional protection devices no longer start due to empty station batteries.

For deviating configurations, suitable current transformers or accessories, please contact us via e-mail: info@electrical-engineering.academy


The WIC1 works in conjunction with the DiggiMEC. This is a nano HMI with up to three integrated electro-mechanical indicators. Measured values from the WIC1 can be displayed directly on the DiggiMEC display. The DiggiMEC still allows access to all settings available in the WIC1, including those not accessible by DIP or HEX switches.

In the event of an error, problem analysis is simple because an error report automatically appears on the display. The display characters are configurable. This allows relevant information to be displayed purely mechanically, i.e. fail-safe.

We offer the device in the following configurations: DiggiMEC-B:- FE, 3 bistable relays (1changeover, 2 normally open) / indicators.

The DiggiMEC for the WIC1 from SEG Electronics

We are pleased about the new addition.

Warm wishes,

Your EEA-Team