Jul 2, 2017

PAC World Conference 2018? It depends!


elcome, dear friends of protection and control engineering.

At the Wroclaw University of Science, I felt like a student again, sitting on that wooden chairs. But we did not have such nice cushions at my university. This year's PAC World had a lot to offer. At the Eight Annual PAC World Conference, we had the unique opportunity to have a Reception at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Rector’s Hall located at the rivers bank on the first day. The majority of participants already showed up and it was a good start for a great conference. Here are some pictures of the reception.

In the following three days, there were first-class lectures and discussions about the important topics of these days. The focus of the event was, of course, on Traveling Waves, Digital Substation and IEC61850.

In addition, there were many informative and interesting conference booths to get in direct touch with the manufacturers.

An additional Conference Gala Dinner, a Tutorial about "Protection, Control and Fault Location using Travelling Waves" and a technical tour to the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Teleinformatics Systems made it a unique event.

So what about PAC World 2018?

If you want to meet the leading heads of protection and control engineering, share knowledge and let your network grow you have no choice:

Yes, PAC World 2018!

If  you prefer to collect butterflies then that is also okay. In this case I would stay away.

Greetings Alexander Muth

PS: All pictures by PAC World Conference