Mar 6, 2020

Our brand new PAC technology store is here!


huge welcome, dear friends of protection and control engineering. Finally the time has come. As of today, our brand new shop is available.

With our new shop it is possible for the first time to order medium and high voltage protection relays in stock with a delivery time of 2 to 4 working days. Our aim is to have smaller quantities of our products in stock and thus to have them available for fast shipping. We are taking into account a very practical problem:

Often time matters

In many projects there is always a lack of material and every now and then a protective device gets out. Where to take, if not steal. Call sales representative, make an appointment, Christmas goose .... No: SCHUTZTECHNIK.COM

In the future our shop will be the PAC-EMERGENCY

The emergenca for protective devices. Whenever there is a fire somewhere and it has to go fast: We will find a solution. We start with our first partner, the Kempener guys from WOODWARD (formerly SEG), and are already in preparation with other partners. We thank you for the numerous tips for the future assortment, we will open up here piece by piece and take your wishes into account. With us everything is noted and progressively implemented, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or ideas. (

The shop fills up from now on and we hope that we can actively support you in your exciting everyday work.

Kind regards Alex

PS: Click here for the Shop ;-) Shop Store