Jun 20, 2017

OMICRON's COMPANO at it's limits!


elcome friends of protection and control engineering, what happens when OMICRON's Compano 100 reaches its limits?

Watch the spectacular video (Pump up the volume):

Safety Notice

Failure to observe the following points can result in death, serious injury or material damage!Hazardous voltages may be present when carrying out the tests and checks described in this manual. The safety rules and regulations regarding electrical systems must be strictly observed at all times. The generator must always be shut down when working on the primary system; appropriate grounding and short-circuiting facilities are to be provided at the respective workplaces. When carrying out a primary check on a turbine set, take care to ensure that no overheating of the turbine occurs.

The work described in this manual may only be carried out by qualified personnel, who must be conversant with the relevant safety regulations and safety measures as well as the warnings in the manuals provided by the suppliers of the various components. The contents of this manual 10

must not construed as work instructions. All statements in this manual must be carefully considered in light of the safety rules and regulations. The information presented in this manual does not claim to be complete.