Feb 12, 2016

OMICRON comes up with a new current- and voltage amplifier!


MICRON's CMS 356 - The new "Miracle of Bern". Our protection testing garage from Vorarlberg has just released a new power and voltage amplifier. With the CMS 356, Omicron provides an amplifier for analogue small signals which can be provided, for instance, by a CMC device or other signal sources, such as a digital real-time network simulator. The expansion of a CMC device using CMS 356 provides ideal testing possibilities for node differential protection systems.

Powerful current outputs enable the testing of modern digital protection devices as well as electro-mechanical protection devices with high load. The voltage outputs and the current outputs are galvanically separated from each other and from the power supply. A very easy-to-use web interface is available for configuring and monitoring the CMS 356 amplifier.

Commissioning engineers, protective relay manufacturers, universities as well as research institutes will surely find a great benefit in the new expansion equipment.

To the basic data:

- Numerous output configurations, for example 3 x 300 V + 3 x 64 A or 6 x 32 A

- Parallel operation of several CMS 356 devices is possible for higher current amplitudes

- Calculation and output of displacement voltage and earth current

- All voltage and current outputs are completely overload and short circuit proof

- Protection against transients and over-temperature

Practical experience with this brand new device is not yet available. For further information go to the product page of the manufacturer: CMS 356

Greetings Alexander Muth

Quelle: omirconenergy.com