Jun 9, 2016

Omicron AWT Conference 2016


ello dear friends of protection and control engineering! It was nice in Darmstadt!

As in the last year in Dresden, more than 250 users from different countries came to OMICRON to Darmstadt. From June 7 to June 2016, user knowledge about current innovations and future trends in energy engineering was presented, discussed and mediated. The prototype of the CBC 60, which is under development, was presented as a major highlight of the conference. It was strictly forbidden, but I could make some secret recordings of it, you will find a small video at the very end of the article.

Within the framework of the three-day user conference there were a large number of successful lectures. Of particular interest were the following contributions:

Measurement on fan motors in the Arlberg tunnel with DANEO 400

Speaker: Stefan Böhler (OMICRON)

Content: Using the DANEO 400, Mr. Böhler showed how the three-phase asynchronous motors of the fan motors in the Arlberg tunnel tunnel were able to phase out and measure the rotating field. The motors were manually rotated (generator operated). The existing remanence of the machines was sufficient to produce small three-phase current amplitudes in the millivolt range (up to approx. 1 volt) and to clearly determine the phase sequence.

A client in the test universe and many new possibilities

Referent: Thomas Schossig (OMICRON)

Content: Mr. Schossig introduced the new module "IEC 61850 Client / Server" and its innovative possibilities available from Test Universe 3.10. Since all IED informations are available in the data model, this provides completely new possibilities for the protection test. Thus, e.g. possible operating measurement values, inputs and outputs, starting values, trips or e.g. directional information during the protective test.

End-to-End-Testing of a line differential protection system at pump storage plant Ingula

Referent: Alexander Dierks (ALECTRIX (Pty) Ltd.)

Content: Mr. Dierks showed how to successfully master the GPS synchronization of an end-to-end test for hard-to-reach IEDs. In the case in question there was a line ending in the mountain of the Pumpspeicherwerk Ingula in South Africa. Several efficient solutions were found via the "PTP enabled" network

Testing a switchgear: on-site experience about a "turnkey" project in the Middle East

Referent: Marcus Stenner

Content: A very entertaining contribution with detailed information from the life of a commissioning engineer. Mr Stenner described his interesting experiences in the context of Oman's protection tests.

All other contributions were no less interesting. The numerous specialist lectures were also relaxed by the OMICRON camp. Here, there was the possibility of direct exchange with the speakers. A particularly successful OMICRON camp contribution to the topic "Selection of current and voltage transformers" was supplied by Mr. Walter Schossig and Mr. Klaus Hinz.

On all three days exciting seminars were offered. Depending on your level of knowledge, you could classify yourself into Levels 1 to 3 and provide targeted information on a wide range of topics such as:

- IEC 61850

- Sampled values

- OCC's

- Protection tests

- Short circuit current calculation

- Distance protection

- QU protection


- Rearward interlocking

- System-based testing

- Transformer test

- Switch test

- Measurement of grounding and line impedance

- Communication in plants

- Selective tripping schedules

- Evaluation of earth faults

- Test Universe tips and tricks

- and many more

A collective evening program at Auerbach Castle, a visit to the European satellite control center and the daily OMICRON-Hausmesse made it perfect.

From my point of view, a more than successful conference, I am already looking forward to the AWT 2017, then from 30 May to 1 June in the Graf-Zeppelin-Haus in Friedrichshafen.

Ok, and now see the promised video of the new OMICRON test facility CBC 60 as well as other impressions from the conference.

Have fun and HEARTfelt Greetings Alexander Muth