Dec 4, 2020

News from KoCoS


elcome dear friends of protection, control and electrical engineering. News from KoCoS. With the EPOS 360, a new three-phase signal generator is being launched. This is a very precise stationary test set, which serves as a current and voltage source for the output of existing COMTRADE-records and for generating own signal curves.

Key Datas

The EPOS 360 has four voltage and three current signal sources, whereby all signals can be set separately and independently in terms of phase, amplitude and frequencies. The main focus of the EPOS 360 lies in the precise output of signals at pretty high output power.

A big advantage: EPOS 360 can be operated in "stand-alone mode" without an additional control PC. Operation with a PC is optional possible as well. The TRANSIG-Monitor software is included in the scope of delivery for this purpose. With TRANSIG, existing COMTRADE files can be played and own signals can be generated using the signal editor.

The technical specification looks like this:

Further information on the new EPOS 360 can be obtained directly from the vendor.

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