Jan 12, 2022

New DIGSI 5 version available


elcome dear friends of protection, control and electrical engineering. Siemens SIPROTEC has released a new DIGSI 5 version without any major announcement. At least at the time this article was written, there was no official announcement on the SIPROTEC website. Regardless of this, the new DIGSI 5 version V09.00 can now be downloaded from the manufacturer's download area.

What's new?

Initially, DIGSI 5 V09.00 supports the new device version SIPROTEC 5 V8.8x. The other innovations obviously mainly concern the comparison options. For example, the function diagrams of two devices can now be compared in more detail with regard to their CFC configuration, the hardware configurations between 2 devices can now also be compared with regard to user labels, properties and positions and signal properties and IEC 61850 configurations of two different devices can now be easily identified.

A few other updates have been implemented, such as extensions to the top-down engineering workflow, RIO export for railway protection and an improved option for setting the IN direction parameter for the merging unit device.

As I said, the download is now available at the vendors page and a detailed release note comes with it.

Warm wishes and a successful week,