Feb 23, 2021

New at KoCoS | ACI Codec


elcome dear friends of protection, control and electrical engineering. KoCoS has just introduced the ACI Codec, an interface for importing protection relay data into ARTES 5. According to the manufacturer, the new ACI codec can easily read in specific settings of protection relays directly. With the slogan

"One mouse click is enough and testing can be started",

the guys from KoCoS awaken the great hope of even more free time during the day of the protection technician's work. We are of course very interested in whether and how this works in practice, we will stay tuned for you here and try to get more information here.

At the moment it sounds like a more universal form of Omicron's LinkToXRIO, i.e. without a PTL test template library, but with it a codec that must be specifically created in advance. KoCoS officially says:

"It is not necessary to be an absolute expert to create a codec. Basic knowledge in programming is required, but the structure of a codec is automatically generated by ARTES."

We hope that it will be a practical solution even if the "one click" obviously doesn't do the trick.

A current video on "Frequently Asked Questions" about ARTES has also just been published, we have linked it here for you.

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