Mar 28, 2019

Everything's new


elcome dear friends of protection and control engineering. We've got a new name. The old was good the new one is good as well. From today: PROCONPLANET changes to


But wait that's not all. We have reprogrammed our entire homepage in recent weeks and we had good reason to do so. The old homepage was slow, not responsive and partly burdened with many performance problems after our last update. For this reason, we have decided for this drastic and costly step. Read briefly the most important innovations of our new platform:


Our new site adapts itself, in contrast to our old pages, like a Chameleon to all sorts of browser sizes and browser types. There is one exception:

Please do not use Internet Explorer!

Everything else works perfectly: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari ...

For best performance, we recommend: Google Chrome


Right in the corner is a magnifying glass. With the new search function you can scan our entire page specifically for content.


Our site is fast as a peregrine falcon in the dive. From now on there is no jerking and no twitching.

Google Insights Performance of SCHUTZTECHNIK.COM


The following categories are available now for a great filter options:






🌐Ground fault





Now you are able to filter all content very comfortable. Furthermore, there is now "tags" namely the following:

🌐10 questions to

🌐Technical Paper

🌐Guest Post




🌐New Products


🌐Test Box

🌐Test Tools


🌐Voltage Transformer

🌐Current Transformer


🌐Video Post


Amd as said, if you do not find what you are looking for with categories and tags: Use our site search feature and scan the entire homepage. You will find everything.


An important change affects our download area. In the future, you will need our password to access the download page. All registered members of SCHUTZTECHNIK.COM will receive an email with the password in the next few days. The existing member profiles do not exist anymore.


We no longer have a shop. After we settled in the Caribbean, we closed for wealth. Fun aside, our products can continue to receive you. From now on, all our products are available in the shop of the Engineering Academy. It is all linked and self-explanatory, so:

Don't worry and be happy!


Yes the forum, right. We have also pulped, because it was not a good forum. We are currently looking for a new solution, which we will integrate promptly. For now we have to live without, feel free simply to send emails when you have comments on posts,

Greetings Alex