Mar 22, 2017

New: COMPANO 100 | Testing Device


MICRON's COMPANO 100 - New "stand-alone" Box.

Welcome, friends of protection- and control engineering,

today we present a new development from Austria. Our "Austrian-Guys" came out with a brand new testing device a couple of weeks ago. Omicron's COMPANO 100 is a real game-changer. It comes with a powerful and smart battery and is able to survive an ordinary work day with a smile in the face. With this battery Omicron brings wiring- and simple protection tests to a whole new level.

The annoying search of sockets and extension cables are a thing of the past. Combined with the Polarity Checker CPOL, wiring tests can now be implemented efficiently, quickly and independent of any location, completely without CMC or CPC. But slowly and step by step, what can we expect from COMPANO at all?

The COMPANO 100 is a single-phase test instrument, which is distributed in the two different equipment variants VE006102 and VE006103. The advantages of the 103 model: The device has the application module polarity test (CPOL) and comes with a lot of useful accessories (see the figures below):

Already included in the order variant VE006103, the CPOL directional tester. From my point of view, one of Omicron's most practical tools.

Furthermore already in the 103er model, the current measuring clamp C-Probe 1:

Also included: a Fluke ampere-meter and practical cases for equipment and accessories.

The COMPANO comes with 10 kilograms and has a regulated current output which can be used to output either a load-stable and non-load-bearing alternating current (110 A / 600 VA / 2.2 s) or direct current (100 A / 600 VA / 2.2 s). Furthermore, the battery-operated "test box" is equipped with two inputs (IN1 and IN2), which can be used for "wet signal" and "dry signal" as well as for analog measurements. Here's the list of the possible measuring methods:

- Single-phase protective relay test (shot checks, ramp tests, various triggering possibilities, automated output of fixed states / sequences, pulse ramps)

- Transformation ratio measurement for current and voltage transformers (voltage output available as of 2018)

- Microohm resistance measurement

- Polarity test (103 device version in connection with CPOL)

- Wiring tests of transformer, protection and control circuits

Via an additional USB interface, measurement results can be stored and processed further. The device is particularly intuitive, easy to use and from 2018 an optional voltage output is going to be available. If you would like to get a taste for the appliance, you can look at the official product video of COMPANO, which I have linked:

To get further informations go to the manufacturer:

or you can download directly the manufacturer brochure of the COMPANO 100:

(Simply click in the following picture)

We are looking forward to the promising new device!

HEARTfelt Greetings Alexander Muth