May 9, 2018

New ARTES 600 by KoCoS


EARTfelt Welcome, dear friend of electrical protection and control engineering, starting this month, the delivery of the brand new ARTES 600 from KoCoS will take place for the first time. Thus, the 4th generation of the professional 3-phase test set is already hitting the PROCON-Planet.

What does ARTES 600 offer us?

Enjoy reading the first facts available at all.

More than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automatic relay test systems have gone into creating the fourth generation of ARTES test instruments. Despite increasing the power and the number of channels for the ARTES 600, it was possible to retain the positive features of its predecessor, including the compact and robust design, low weight and low noise level. In addition, all connections and interfaces are still located on the front panel so that ARTES 600 can also be operated in an upright position

4 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs which can provide particularly high output power allow three-phase tests on static, digital and self-powered relays. ARTES 600 is the perfect answer to the need to combine high output power and high amplifier accuracy in one device. The current amplifiers provide a maximum test current of 6 x 32 A / 250 VA. Parallel operation of the 6 current outputs allows up to 3 x 64 A / 500 VA to be generated for 3-phase applications.

However, the new hardware does not only provide higher power, it also offers a number of special features which provide added value and make ARTES 600 even more versatile. The 12 multi-function inputs which are assigned to 6 galvanically isolated groups can be used for analog quantities as well as for binary signals. The response threshold and the response range can be freely configured for evaluation purposes.

The new internal TJCP operator interface is a special feature. Its high-resolution 5" touch screen with smart touch technology enables many tests to be carried out quickly and easily without having to connect an external PC. The new TJCP operator interface also provides a wide range of communication interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and an internal GPS receiver unit.

The clear, restructured user interface of the control panel guides the user quickly and intuitively to complete the task in hand. User actions carried out with the ergonomic jog wheel, such as amplitude, phase angle or frequency adjustments, are processed in real time and executed without delay.

An illuminated ring integrated in the jog wheel and additional acoustic signals indicate system status during settings and tests. In addition, LEDs on the front panel indicate the states and operating modes of the inputs and outputs. The user can tell at a glance which outputs are active and can easily identify the states of the binary inputs and outputs.

As a rule, all test tasks can be carried out using the integrated control panel. However, the ARTES PC software is a tool which can really simplify, automate and speed up tests for complex protection functions. The ARTES testing software provides a wide range of practical test monitors for this purpose, all of which are included in the scope of delivery in addition to the basic software.

According to KoCoS, a maximum delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks is guaranteed with immediate effect. We are happy about the ""new baby" of KoCoS.

HEARTfelt Greetings Alexander Muth