Dec 20, 2021

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


elcome dear friends of protection, control & electrical engineering. Another very special year is drawing to a close. We rounded the last year philosophically by bringing the concept of "perception" in mind. This year we would like to conclude a little on the currently important concept of "empathy".

"When you face someone’s insults, hatred, whatever . . . look at his soul. Get inside him. Look at what sort of person he is. You’ll find you don’t need to strain to impress him." - Marcus Aurelius -

It is necessary to be able to put yourself in the other person's shoes and to see that everyone is looking into their own world. To claim that you have the truth in your pocket and to think that you have to make everyone "happy" with this truth does not correspond to the concept of empathy.

Let us try to find out more about the situation of our fellow human beings so that we can better understand each other in the New Year. Let us take the different perspectives of our fellow human beings instead of hitting each other with flat thinking templates and defamation vocabulary.

And let's remember every moment:

Happiness is not a question of victory and defeat, but solely of acceptance.

We do not want to add anything further to this consideration and say THANK YOU to all members of our network of experts, to all who see our videos and read our contributions and to our supporters and partners. This project would not be feasible without you.

Thank you very much,

We are looking forward to an exciting new year and we have many surprises in our luggage.

Alexander Muth

& your EEA-TEAM