Dec 24, 2020

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


ELCOME dear friends of protection, control & electrical engineering. As we can see, Santa Claus has his hands full this year to restore order. Last year everything looked sort of more organized. For this reason it seems appropriate to us to close the year 2020 philosophically. According to the Anna Karenina principle, the situation is arguably as follows:

"All happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

While only one inconsistent factor is required for an unhappy family, almost all parameters must be correct for a happy family. But where is that the case and does it even exist? Are there families where everything is just right? Since light and shadow always stand together in front of the door in a bipolar world, this perfect family practically cannot exist. And yet there are happy families. So how is that possible?

The secret that all happy families have in common is how they see things. With simple words:

"perception is everything"

All happy families are happy for the same reason: They accept

🌐 what they have,

🌐 what they are,

🌐 and what is.

All other families are unhappy for a thousand different reasons. But we can only be happy without a wish.

In this sense, have a good time, be happy, it's always in your own hands.

Our ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ACADEMY says THANK YOU to the members of our network of experts, to everyone who see our videos and read our posts and to our supporters and partners. Without you, this project would not be feasible.

We are going into the new year 2021 optimistically and with a lot of sense of proportion, have some big surprises in our luggage and are looking forward to a good time together.


Alexander Muth

& your EEA-TEAM

Santa at work
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