Sep 17, 2020

COMPANO 100 Software V 2.30


elcome dear friends of electrical engineering. Our battery-powered Compano 100 from Omicron has been updated again. This time mainly customer feedback has been implemented. The following innovations have been incorporated into the software update to version 2.30.

Update V 2.30

🌐 Visualization of target output values in result screens

It is now possible to display the target output values in result screens by pressing the Jog Dial Wheel. Each click switches between measured and target values. This feature is supported in QUICK, FLEX, Polarity Check and Micro-ohm.

🌐 Calculated Measurements outside of active tests

When utilizing the Calculated Measurement feature the calculation results are now displayed during the configuration of the test even when no test is active, if the configured operands are available. For example, it’s now possible to display the impedance as R and X, based on the currently configured voltage and current values and phases.

🌐 Customization of Soft Key values (“Hold” feature)

It is now possible in QUICK and FLEX to press and hold one of the soft keys to customize the value, making it easy to recall the value later.

🌐 Displaying timer values both in seconds and cycles

From now on users can select the timer display unit (< 1min) to be either seconds, cycles or both in parallel.

🌐 Further smaller improvements.

The new update can be downloaded from the official Omicron customer portal.

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Omicron Compano 100 Update