Jun 4, 2017

Brand-new: Grid Protection Magazine


ELCOME Dear friends of protection and control engineering. We are very happy about our new enrichment from Austria. Our network of protection and control experts for the exchange of knowledge and experience is extended by a valuable component. The newly established Austrian magazine "Netzschutz" will be published quarterly for the "german speaking" market.

The intellectual father, publisher and chief editor of the network protection magazine is Peter Schitz, a successful engineer with decades of experience. The first edition was presented at this year's Omicron user meeting and will be officially delivered this month. From our point of view, a more than successful first edition.

The magazine is designed as a manufacturer-independent compendium for protection technology. Each issue deals with a topic in the areas of: general, over-current protection, earth fault protection, line protection, machine protection and special protection.

To ensure that the various topics are clearly visible and distinguishable from you on the shelf, each subject area and thus the respective magazine has its own layout. All articles can also be found online at:


The magazine is aimed at both beginners and those interested in the very complex and sophisticated subject of protection technology, as well as the old hands, who want to deepen their knowledge but also want to be kept up to date with the latest technology.

The first issue is dedicated to the topic of line differential protection.

The next three editions will be published on 09/2017, 12/2017 and 03/2018 on the topic of distance, ground fault and arc protection.

We wish Peter Schitz and his team a huge success and send our greetings to Austria!

Greetings Hannes Heiden