May 12, 2020

ARTES RC3 | New KoCoS test set


ELCOME dear friends of PAC-Engineering. KoCoS Messtechnik AG from Korbach / Germany published a new three-phase test device today.


The ARTES RC3 is a very compact device for testing protective relays, which is offered at an introductory price of € 13,500. The official announcement states:


The robust multi-functional relay test system

The robust multi-functional relay test system ARTES RC3 is the robust and universal solution for testing protection relays. Packed in a handy, extremely robust and resistant hard shell case, the versatile test system is also ideally suited for challenging outdoor use, for example in the sector of renewable energies.

ARTES RC3 makes light work of highly complex test tasks. 3 voltage and 3 current outputs and the builtin control panel allow three-phase tests on static and digital relays also without external PC.

You can get a first glance at the video announcement of the vendor:

For further informations check the page of the vendor.

Kind Regards your EEA-Team