Oct 10, 2019

10 questions for Professor Fickert


elcome dear friends of protection and control engineering! The networking of our readers, ie. the networking of developers, engineers, suppliers, operators, sellers, programmers, students and young and old is the most important thing, a strong network is the basis of mutual success. That's why we launched our new series "10 questions for: ...". Again we introduce a driving player in the protection and control engineering world.

In our new post of our highly interesting series we introduce Professor Fickert.

Professor Fickert Schutztechnik
Professor Fickert

Lothar H. Fickert (13.01.1949) completed his doctorate at the Vienna University of Technology and worked for 25 years in the industry as a protection and plant technician in network planning and operation in the energy industry (ELIN UNION, BROWN BOVERI, WIENSTROM). Since 1998 he has been professor at the Institute of Electrical Systems and Networks at Graz University of Technology with a focus on electrical energy systems, supply security and protection technology. He works in various national and international organizations (IEC, CIGRE, CIRED, VDE, ÖVE etc.) and has 9 patents. Since October 2017 he is professor emeritus and is dedicated to his core profession, the protection technology, also current starpoint issues and modern teaching and learning media ("Flipped Classroom").

Let's go:

1. When and where were you born?

I was born in Lower Saxony in 1949 and have been living in Austria since 1967.

2. Why did you become an engineer?

The pleasure of designing something and seeing the result more or less directly.

3. Which university did you go to?

Vienna University of Technology, where I chose the field of  Electrical & Communication Engineering.

4. How did you come to the protection and control engineering?

After the dissertation, a position in the field of protection and control technology at Austria (back then) largest electrical engineering company, Elin Union AG.

5. What was your biggest personal success at work?

The combination of theory and practice both in commercial professional life (companies Elin Union, ABB, Wienstrom) and later at the Technical University of Graz as Institute Director of the Institute of Electrical Plants and Networks.

6. In retrospect, would you do things differently?

No, it worked well for everyone.

7. Where do you see the protection and control technology in 2029?

I expect the protection and control technology will play an increasing role in the control and provision of the decisive for our civilizations electrical energy.

8. What is your life motto?

Do something for others, then it will come back a hundredfold!

9. What can you give or advise to other engineers?

As a specialist in technical matters, to be well up and act as a citizen of our civil society with external responsibility.

10. Have we forgotten an important question that we should have asked you?

The questions are, in my opinion, very well selected!

Many thanks to Professor Fickert