Jun 3, 2019

10 Questions for Peter Schitz


elcome dear friends of protection and control engineering! The networking of our readers, ie the networking of developers, engineers, suppliers, operators, vendors, programmers, students and young and old is the most important thing, a strong network is the basis of mutual success. That's why we have launched our series "10 Questions for: ...". As always, we present a driving actor in the protection and control technology world. In our new contribution of our highly interesting series we introduce Mr. Peter Schitz.

Peter Schitz

Peter Schitz, born 1972, graduate of the Vienna University of Applied Sciences 10 for electrical power engineering, 13 years at VA TECH ELIN EBG in the area of ​​medium and high voltage for infrastructure / heavy industry. Since 2007 self-employed high-voltage technician in the fields of energy distribution planning, conception and commissioning of protection technology and network calculations.

Let's starrt with 10 questions for: Peter Schitz.

1. When and where were you born?

Vienna, 19722.

2. Why did you become an engineer?

My father worked as a locksmith in the largest caloric power plant in Vienna and probably transmitted the fascination of technology to me.

3. Which university did you go to?

I received my basic education at a higher technical school (HTL) for electrical power engineering in Vienna.

4. How did you come to the protection and control engineering?

As a young electrical engineering designer I was confronted with the detailed planning of the secondary technology of medium and high voltage systems with protective device technology. At the same time the penny dropped.

5. What was your personal greatest success in the profession?

The decision to switch to self-employment.

6. In retrospect, would you do things differently?

No, it was all, albeit sometimes over-demanding, important for the next steps.

7. Where do you see the protection and control technology in the year 2029?

Further along the path of special solutions and "it has always been done" to mature standards for medium, high and very high voltage which are used in 90% of the applications .

8. What is your life motto?

Life is an exciting adventure.

9. What can you give or advise to other engineers?

Please stay tuned for an open exchange of experiences and problems among colleagues and the transfer of knowledge to the next generation.

10. Have we forgotten an important question that we should have asked you?

I think the most important thing was asked!

Many thanks to Peter Schitz