Jun 6, 2018

10 questions for Alexander Dierks


EARTfelt Welcome dear friends of protection and the control engineering! The networking of our readers, ie. the networking of developers, engineers, suppliers, operators, sellers, programmers, students and young and old is the most important thing, a strong network is the basis of mutual success. That's why we launched our new series "10 questions for: ...". For the third time, we introduce a driving player in the protection and control engineering world.

In our new post of our highly interesting series we introduce Alexander Dierks of the company ALECTRIX. Many will already know Him, but by no means all. We start with 10 questions to Alexander Dierks.

Alexander Dierks

Alexander Dierks

graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1990 with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current). He then worked as a protective engineer at Eskom Distribution in Cape Town. From 1993 to 1997 he was Senior Sales and Application Engineer at OMICRONin Austria. Since 1998 he has been managing director of Alectrix (Pty) Ltd and exclusive distributor for OMICRON in Southern Africa. He is the author of dozens of publications and lectures at local and international conferences and conferences on the testing and maintenance of protective relays, current transformers and transformers, as well as simulation of electrical networks.

Let's start with 10 questions for: Alexander Dierks

1. When and where were you born?

Born and raised in Windhoek in 1966 (in present-day Namibia, then Southwest Africa, former German Southwest Africa). German high school diploma at the German secondary school Windhoek in 1984.

2. Why did you become an engineer?

My father was a civil engineer, which certainly raised the technical interest and has shaped me. Why it has become then electrical engineering, I can not answer.

3. Which university did you go to?

University of Cape Town for both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current).

4. How did you come to the protection and control engineering?

After completing my studies, I started working for Eskom Distribution in Cape Town in 1990 as a "Junior Engineer" for a scholarship I received from Eskom. There I was assigned to the protection department and got stuck there .... Pretty soon I became known as Mr. CAT (Computer Aided Testing) of protective relays - that's how OMICRON came into contact.

5. What was your biggest personal success at work?

Have fun and enjoy working and have made a meaningful contribution to the testing technology. But I also know that I personally can not achieve anything without the guidance and conditions given by our Heavenly Father. Also in my career I have met many great people from whom I have learned and benefited a lot.

6. In retrospect, would you do things differently?

Less work and more time for interpersonal relationships.

7. Where do you see the protection and control technology in 2028?

Cloud-based protection. Will we have a widespread broadband Internet at all ends of the earth?

8. What is your life motto?

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. (John Bunyan)

9. What can you give or advise to other engineers?

Work hard, be open to new things, live holistically.

10. Have we forgotten an important question that we should have asked you?

How do you slow down this ever-faster rat race of daily life?

Many thanks to Alexander Dierks ;-)